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Yarra Valley Wedding Photography

Are you booking a professional wedding photographer?

We all know that planning a Yarra Valley wedding can be an expensive exercise, so it’s no surprise that some couples try to rein in the spending by trimming back on certain aspects of the big day. Unfortunately, one area … Continue reading

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Wedding Photographers in Healesville

Healesville Wedding Photographers are now offering photography to suit all budgets for wedding across the Yarra Valley, at venues including Immerse winery, Train Trak, Wild Cattle Creek, Helen’s Hill, Hedgend Maze, Healesville Sanctuary, Yering Station, Gum Gully Farm and Chateau … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t ask a friend to be your wedding photographer

This is an article I came across recently which outlines why it is worth booking a professional wedding photographer for your Yarra Valley wedding day, instead of relying on friend who may be a keen amateur. Why? It’s honest, and … Continue reading

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How to keep your Flower Girl Happy!

We typically focus on the bride, the groom, or the bridal party as a whole, but there is one important person in your bridal party you don’t want to overlook: your flower girl! She is the one who looks up … Continue reading

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Is it important for my photographer to have shot at my wedding venue before?

I get asked this question alot, says Simon from Wedding Snapper Photography. In short the answer is “No.” It really isn’t important for your wedding photographer to have shot at the wedding venue before. Any skilled photographer is going to … Continue reading

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