New wedding band in the Valley

The Best Men are a 3 piece band hailing from Melbourne, who provide top quality, affordable music for weddings.

Not your usual cheesy part-time cover band, this group are made up of real musicians who do this for a living with real professionalism, and they love what they do.

They really are the Best Men for the job!

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Time to choose the wedding dress!

So you’ve booked the venue, secured your photographer, locked in the celebrant and are still mulling over whether to get a wedding video.  There is now one important detail to consider.

What are you going to wear?!  Well, the groom is all sorted in his charcoal grey suit, in which he looks undoubtedly dashing, and you are considering a traditional white dress?  Or are you?

We’re hearing plenty of anecdotal evidence for reds and blacks for modern weddings around Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.  Are you going to be that daring?

Whatever colour or style you happen to be thinking of, there are plenty of options for both brides and bridesmaids.  Sometimes it’s easier to find an Australia bridesmaid dresses and work back from there to the main wedding dress.

We’ve just checked out some of the new arrivals on the site and they’re coming in at just over $200.  WOW! With that kind of money save you could extend the honeymoon by an extra week!

Worried about buying online?  Don’t be, as it’s a secure site with fast and reliable shipping to your address. Although you’re unlikely to want to do it, the return and refunds policy seems very fair, making the whole process a win-win transaction.

As well as dresses on the site, there are a wealth of accessories, including boleros, umbrellas, gloves, wraps, shawls, faux fur jackets and capes.  I’d say thats something for everyone!

So, if looking for a great value Australia wedding shop then you really should check out the Top Wedding site as it’s chock full of bargains and great value items, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we love value in our weddings! It certainly beats paying over the odds that so many within the bridal industry love to charge you for!



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The Right Hair Style For Your Wedding

They say that the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. A women’s hair styles is often what the eye sees at first glance. Is it long or short? What colour is it? Is it straight or curly? Sometimes, you can even make an impression depending on your hair style. It complements the face and completes an entire look. Of course, nothing leaves a more lasting impression than having a popular and modern hair style.

Many hair styles that are trending today are popularized by celebrities. For short hair styles, you can be as classy as Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway with their stunning pixie cut, or you can be as rebellious as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna who have the sides of their heads shaved, showing an eccentric yet very unique look. You can even go as far as entirely shaving your head to emphasize your facial features and show the world how beautiful you actually are, just like how Natalie Portman revealed her natural beauty when she shaved her head.

With longer hair, on the other hand, there are even more possibilities. More often than not, long hair is worn with a wavy or curly style. Countless of celebrities have this kind of hair style and it suits almost every woman. You can even top it with bangs to add personality to your hair style. Emma Stone easily carries her medium-length hair whether she be a brunette, blonde, or redhead. Whatever the color of her hair is, she always keeps her side swept bangs. You can never go wrong with bangs because they can emphasize your eyes and sometimes even give an illusion of having a smaller face. You can even wear them whether you have short or long hair and as long as women’s hair styles are concerned, it will never go out of style. Hair color can be trickier, because it can range from jet black to stark blonde white hair, whatever floats your boat. What is trending today, however, is what is called ombre hair, which many women are wearing today. It is a two-toned hair style that gradually changes color from the roots down to the tips of the hair.

It all depends on what kind of look you want to achieve, what suits your personality best, and what you can wear with unwavering confidence. Take these popular women’s hair styles as tips and options that you can choose from and wear as your crowning glory.

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How to Make DIY Wedding Flowers

Having a DIY wedding is a well-thought idea when considering the amount of money that will be saved instead of spending to catering services. Some people are hesitant to do white weddings because they think these white weddings are unaffordable. Yes, they really can be unaffordable if you spend so much on catering services.

With DIY wedding, the bride and the bridegroom do the weddings for themselves without incurring too much cost on catering. They start from the DIY table preparations to foods for guests and from photos to DIY flowers. All these can be done at low prices without the fine quality or beauty of the wedding being compromised. Great wedding favors can be found at a reasonable price online so you can save plenty of dollars right there.

The advantage with DIY wedding is that, apart from saving costs, you will be making a unique wedding indicative of your talent. All the decorations and other services will be upon your shoulders. Unique DIY wedding flowers can add a lasting impression on your wedding. These flowers can be found at low prices and assembled easily. There are various colors you can choose from, depending on your preference. Making DIY flowers is a worth-taking project that you can complete with family and friends in an endeavor to save so much on wedding.

You can make DIY flowers for your wedding by making your own bouquets and leaving the arrangements or by making own bouquets and other arrangements. Both bouquet and flower arrangements can be made on your own. You can order flowers and then get started with DIY wedding flowers before the wedding starts.

Before getting started with DIY flowers, believe in yourself that you can really do that. Self-worthiness will count on your ability to finish the project you have started. You can pick pretty flowers to make your wedding more stunning in a cost-effective way. It is not a time-consuming task to complete all your bouquets within few minutes. By making good combinations, you will emerge successful in the project.

diy wedding flowers

The quickest way with which you are going to make your bouquets depend on the availability of all supplies needed. Therefore, before getting started, ensure that everything is ready. Supplies could be pair of scissors, tapes, floral foam, vases, and pins, to mention just a few.

For best results of DIY flowers, it is recommended you make the flowers a day before. That will give you enough time to think about perfect combinations of your bouquets. You can choose the vases that you are going to use to complement the exotic appearance of your flowers with. To be successful in making DIY wedding flowers, you need a pro-active team so that you can combine ideas and come up with something well-thought of. And if you need to work out your booze quota then use a wedding alcohol calculator.

After all the efforts, you will thank yourself for the idea of making a DIY wedding to save so much money on your budget .

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Are you booking a professional wedding photographer?

We all know that planning a Yarra Valley wedding can be an expensive exercise, so it’s no surprise that some couples try to rein in the spending by trimming back on certain aspects of the big day. Unfortunately, one area that some couples decide to cut corners is on their wedding photography.
One way of doing this is by asking ‘Uncle Bob’ or ‘a bloke I know from the footy’ to take the photos on the ‘expensive looking camera’.

It probably is a very expensive camera, but do they know how to use it? Put them through their paces before the wedding day with this great little toy:

So, how did Uncle Bob do? Need a number for a good wedding photographer in the Yarra Valley? Thought so!

If you’re venturing further than the Yarra Valley and are looking for the best LA photographer then be sure to check out Stunning Bride photographers – you won’t be disappointed!

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