The Enduring Popularity of the Yarra Valley for Wedding Photographers

Looking for a magical wedding destination in Melbourne? Look no further than the Yarra Valley, a gorgeous natural setting that boasts some of the most dramatic backdrops for truly affective wedding photographs. Lush rainforests give way to expansive and romantic vineyards. Jagged mountains loom in the background of beautifully manicured gardens. Whatever your wedding preferences may be, the Yarra Valley has something to excite brides, grooms and photographers. The Parks and Gardens of the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges Seasonal explosions of colour distinguish the parks of Yarra from any other setting in Melbourne. The area’s myriad blooms provide vibrant and poetic images for the wedding photographer. Here, you can have your choice of a rugged forest versus the harmony of … Continue reading →

How to Keep Calm on Your Wedding Day

Your special day is here! Your stomach is an intricate arrangement of knots and twists. Romantic butterfly flutters have been replaced with a hoard of stampeding buffaloes. You have difficulty stringing together a sentence, let alone a whole chain of vows. How, then, to be cool, calm and collected on this most important of days? Start the morning on the right foot. All pre-wedding drinking is strictly prohibited and hangovers should be left for the morning after the wedding reception. Draw a hot bath of calming herbs and aromatic bath salts. Lilac and kava are very effective in calming the mind. It’s also a good idea to read a book, or do some yoga. All of these things will keep … Continue reading →

How to get your Wedding Vows Just Right

Your wedding has nearly arrived. It marks the Big Day when you and your beloved partner finally start your lives together as a married couple. It’s also the one day when you’ll be given the chance to stand in front of all of your friends and family, and publicly declare your love for one another. This declaration comes in the form of the vow exchange, and can be the most nerve-wracking element of any wedding. How, then, to ensure you get your vows just right on this important occasion? Write your Own Personal vows will seem more natural and sincere. This straight-from-the heart strategy will ensure that you don’t stumble and stutter over another person’s words. Rather, you are using … Continue reading →

Looking for a great wedding photographer in the Yarra Valley?

So, you’ve got the Healesville wedding venue booked, along with the dress, the celebrant, band and the catering.  But what about the wedding photography? It’s a tricky decision this one as there are so many wedding photographers in the Yarra Valley region ranging from the cheap and slightly naff, all the way up to the expensive and artsy fartsy la-di-dah types.  Where do you start?! Well, firstly determine your budget.  A 6 hour booking with a good affordable photographer in the Yarra Valley region will cost you approximately between $2000 and $3000.   Most photographers now offer your images on a disc or USB to avoid the immediate cost of an album. Now you have a budget in mind you need … Continue reading →